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Monday 1 May 2017

Jesus Wasn't White

I think it's pretty funny that the image on the Shroud of Turin looks very similar to paintings of Jesus that Europeans made during the Middle Ages...and Jesus, if he ever really did exist, wouldn't have been a white guy.

It's pretty clear to me that the Shroud of Turin is from the 1200s, and there's no good reason to debate that anymore. I understand how people who reject science might think it actually covered Jesus once, but, it's hard, if not impossible, to debate reality with people who reject science. That's like a deaf person trying to tell me that the Rolling Stones are better than the Beatles...and they might be...it's just that there is absolutely no verifiable evidence whatsoever that supports such an outrageous claim (and other outrageous claims like a virgin gave birth once, or snakes can talk, or the whole Noah's Ark thing, or that people died and came back to life, or that the Earth is going to be destroyed soon and all the good people, mostly white, are going to disappear and go be with Jesus).

If you're going to cast your lot with people who reject science, then I'd think you wouldn't want to use things that science created...like computers, or televisions, or cars, or microwave ovens, or ovens, or cell phones...

NOW do you understand? No? Oh. Well, maybe I'll try again some other time...


Lucifer Darwin

Wednesday 26 April 2017

The "Media"

It's funny how conservatives think the "media" is an evil enterprise only concerned with slandering conservatives in order to manipulate voters to vote for liberals, as if it was that easy to change people's already made up minds. It's also funny that it was conservative politicians and pundits who proposed that theory in the first place. What's funnier is that conservative voters have been manipulated to believe it's true! Maybe that's why conservatives generally don't believe in evolution, because evolution says that some humans have evolved to the point where they're not so easily manipulated. Liberals understand exactly what kind of enterprise the "media" really is...one that is only interested in increasing the profits of its shareholders, and nothing else, you stupid pieces of shit.

Sunday 21 August 2016

My Guess

When we look at our hands, are we seeing our hands, or are we just seeing the light being reflected off of our hands? And if it's just the light, what do our hands REALLY look like? My guess is we're just seeing the light, and our hands are just energy. Invisible energy. I bet everything's really invisible. We just see what we see because we have eyes that gather light and focus it on a retina that sends signals to our brains to be interpreted in our minds. So what we're seeing, in reality, doesn't really look anything like that, because everything we see is really invisible. My guess.

Wednesday 18 May 2016


Me not understanding your myth is not the same as you not understanding my science. Just because you don't understand my science doesn't mean it isn't real. Besides, I understand your myth.

Friday 6 May 2016

How Not to Believe in God

I'm an Atheist, I don't believe in God, there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that there's a God, or two Gods, or a dozen Gods. Believers say, "Yes there is! Just look at that tree! Or that beautiful sunset! How could you NOT believe in a God who created that?"

Because there's absolutely no evidence whatsoever that a God created that. Just because a tree is there, or you feel good when you look at the sunset, doesn't mean a "God" created it.

"Okay, then. What about the Bible? How can you not believe that God wrote that?"

Because humans wrote that. If an all-knowing, all-powerful "God" was going to write a book, it wouldn't be anything like the Bible. The Bible has a lot of crazy stuff in it. Noah's Ark. Virgin births. Dead people coming back to life. The futuristic destruction of the Earth. There's a lot in there about obedience, and slavery, and murder. Nothing about dinosaurs. Or medicine. Or genetics. You'd think that if "God" was going to suddenly show up, about 2,000 years ago, and give us some advice, it would've helped us out a little more.

The idea that the universe was "created" by a "God" is an idea that came from a "human," and humans don't know how the universe was created. We've got some ideas, but we don't know. If we did...we'd know...and, whether you know it or not, you're an ape, and you don't know how the universe was created either. You might think you know, but you don't. You're an ape. Actually, you're a Great Ape, which is a family of primates that includes orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and...humans. You are a primate. It's true. Look it up. You have access to all known information. There's this thing called the internet that we invented for exactly this sort of thing. It's there for you. You really should take advantage of it. You don't have to. You can ignoring new information. You can ignore anything you want, that's your choice. But you don't have to. There's a lot of new stuff you can learn. A lot of real stuff. A lot of true stuff. It's all there for you to absorb. Feel free to take a look at what a lot of really educated humans have come up with. Or, if you want, keep thinking like people did thousands of years ago, when people thought the Sun went around the Earth. And practiced slavery. And thought women were property. Who didn't write anything about astronomy. Or photosynthesis. Or what love really is. The love that was written about in the Bible is about as accurate as the geology written about in the Bible. That's right. The people who wrote the Bible even got love wrong. Worship. Unquestioning devotion. Obedience. That isn't love. And if they got all that wrong, they probably got God wrong, too.

How could I not believe in a God? By believing something else. I'm sure there are tons of people who believe that the universe exists for some reason other than "God made it." Besides...

…it's ridiculous, it makes no sense, it's a myth, it’s something your parents told you in order to scare you, or because THEY believed it, it’s something you're tiny little developing brain thought was true when you were growing up, but now that you're fully grown you realize how silly it all really is and you understand how you're young brain could have thought it was true because you understand how brains work, you understand what a brain is, and you understand what humans are, you understand what thought is, you pretty much understand what YOU are, and you understand what Galileo discovered, and Newton, and Darwin, you're smarter than that, you understand how people could fall for believing in something like that, you understand human psychology, you understand literature, you understand how information gets around, you understand about the printing press, you understand what fiction is, and what myths are, and that human brains are limited and that, a long time ago, people used to believe a lot of things we don’t believe anymore because we've gathered more information, humans have progressed, we thought a lot of crazy stuff was real back then but it wasn’t, turns out the Earth isn't flat, people used to think that the Earth was at the center of the universe, and it actually IS the center of the universe if the universe is infinite because if the universe is infinite then every point in the universe is the center of the universe, but you understand that they didn't know that back then, they didn't even understand the concept of infinity but it doesn't matter, they didn't have Calculus, so you know that people who thought like that were probably wrong about how they thought the universe was created, their minds were very undeveloped, they were savages, and THEY came up with the concept of a creator, of a God? They thought the Sun went around the Earth, and you’re gonna get your philosophy about how the universe was created from them?! Really?!! From people who thought the Sun orbited the Earth?!! It’s pretty easy to understand how people could think that because that's exactly what it looks like from the perspective of a human being standing on the planet Earth, as you look up and see this bright thing going around you you have no choice but to think it's going around you, but the truth is YOU'RE going around IT, but you think it's going around you because the telescope hasn't been invented yet, but now you understand that Galileo looked through his telescope and he saw four things going around Jupiter, four moons, the four Galilean moons, so the Earth can't be at the center of the universe because why weren't those four things going around Jupiter going around the Earth?... Because the Earth's not the center of the universe… They were wrong! And they were also wrong about how the universe was created. And they were wrong about God.

How could I NOT believe in God? Because I understand human weakness and vulnerability, and how humans can be susceptible to being misled due to some drawback they have in their thought processes. I understand history, I understand that throughout history people believed in a LOT of different Gods so if any of them are real, which one is the real one, Thor? Baal? Yahweh? Allah? Vishnu? Shiva?... God?

The Egyptians believed in the Sun God Ra, and Horus and Geb and Osiris. You know that virgin births and resurrections and ascensions were common in many religions thousands of years before Jesus, right? You know that right? Christianity doesn't have a monopoly on virgin births. Hinduism, Buddhism, Greek, and Egyptian mythology all talk about Gods that were immaculately conceived...as far back as 2,000 years before Mary had Jesus. And resurrections? Don't get me started on resurrections? Dionysus and Persephone in Ancient Greece, Odin in Norse mythology, the Hindu Gods Ganesha, you know, with the head of an elephant, and Krishna, for Christ's sake, they all died and were resurrected... Osiris...the Egyptian God...probably the first documented resurrection, died and came back to life twice!! 2,000 years before Jesus did it! But the Bible doesn't say anything about Osiris, does it? Or Zeus... or Vishnu... Or Buddha... It doesn't say anything about electricity, either? Or how to cure infectious diseases... Or dinosaurs! How come there's nothing about dinosaurs in the Bible? I guess they didn't make it onto Noah's Ark.

Just because all these religions have different notions about God doesn't mean there's not a God. There might be. Just nothing that anyone has ever come up with makes any sense at all. So far.

"But just look at that tree! Or that beautiful sunset! How could you NOT believe in a God who created that?"

Because my brain won't let me believe in God. All I can do is think about it, and study it, and try to understand it, while staying open to new stuff that humans are coming up with. That's really all anyone can do. We can try to understand God, but we don't. If we did, we'd understand God, and we don't. We can't. Our brains just aren't there yet.

Wednesday 4 May 2016

If Jesus was Jewish...?

You know what the biggest irony about the whole thing is? Jesus was Jewish. So why isn't Judaism good enough for Christians? Because Christianity started after Jesus died? Well, technically, it started after he came back to life. So, before that, Christianity didn't exist? Well, what happened to all those souls that existed before Jesus? Are they all in limbo? Did they just get into Heaven by default? Or are they all in Hell because they didn't accept Christ as their personal savior? Why does Christianity have to start after Jesus? That isn't fair to all the people who lived before that, and all of their ancestors, even the ones we evolved from, because we weren't always human, you know?

Thursday 7 April 2016

Wouldn't It Be Great If Religion Didn't Dictate Beliefs?

Can you imagine a religion that says: "Believe whatever you want to believe" and "I don't know what God thinks, so do whatever you think is best"? I don't think the people who wrote the Bible had my best interests in mind.

Saturday 23 January 2016

Scientific Opinion vs. Religious Opinion

Most people probably get their news from talk/opinion shows because the generic news is boring, and, usually, right down the middle. But even the generic news is problematic, because news SHOULD be neutral, showing both sides, but take an issue like climate change, for example. It is accepted by the scientific community (and democrats) that humans are causing catastrophic changes to our climate, but the religious community (and republicans) deny it. So what's considered a "fact" differs depending on who you're listening to or what you personally believe.

I'm not sure where the generic news stands on this issue, they SHOULD report both sides, because just as many people believe either way. BUT WHAT IS THE TRUTH? I heard that 97% of all the credible research confirms humans are causing climate change, but when it's reported, it's one scientist arguing with one denier. John Oliver did a bit where he argued it should be 97 people arguing with 3 people.

I think MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O'Donnell, and Chris Matthews, report the TRUTH as I see it, and as the scientific community sees it. Fox News, Kelly and Hannity and Bill O'Reilly report the truth as the religious community sees it.

What the TRUTH is, obviously, differs between the religious and the scientific. The religious believe someone died and came back to life, then ascended to Heaven. The scientific don't believe that.

So, basically, I believe the difference can be attributed to an individual's way of thinking. The religious believe in miracles. The scientific don't. Each believes they're right.

But there can only be ONE TRUTH. Jesus either died and came back to life, or he didn't.

Opinions about what is the ONE TRUTH have changed over the centuries. People used to believe that the Earth was flat, and that the Sun orbited the Earth. Science proved otherwise. People used to think that eclipses and natural disasters and diseases were caused by deities. Science proved otherwise.

MSNBC reports science. Fox doesn't. Whether you trust science or religion is where opinion comes in. I'm not interested in opinion. I'm interested in TRUTH. And when it comes to finding TRUTH, I'll put my money on science every time.

“It has been said that every great, emergent scientific truth goes through three phases. First, people say it can't be true. Second, they say it conflicts with the Bible. Third, they say it's been true all along.” — Neil Degrasse Tyson

Here's a good short interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLwRgIr_P7s

Saturday 26 December 2015

Guardian Angels Aren't Real

My 8-yr-old daughter was talking to my mom on the phone the other night, telling her about a wasp that landed on her, and didn't sting her. I overheard my mom say "You have a guardian angel...They're real." While they were talking, I said to my daughter "Guardian angels aren't real." She put her grandmother on hold, then said to me "You shouldn't say that. That's something that's important to Nana, and it's mean for you to say that." I told her she's right, and I apologized. I thought that was an amazingly enlightened thing for an 8-yr-old to be telling her father. It's a humbling thing when a second grader straightens you out.

Friday 11 December 2015

Teaching Creationism is Child Abuse

Parents take the little, developing brain and nervous system of an infant, a work in progress, and mold it to believe in crap like Noah's Ark, and that they're born sinners who are inherently bad, and that the world is going to end soon.

Think about it, in a Bible believing family, the child is number 3. The Lord is number 1, and the spouse is number 2. The child is third in line for love and attention. In reality, "the Lord" is imaginary. Right? So a child in a family like that knows his or her parents love something completely obscure and mysterious and unknowable more than they love their own children. No wonder they're so disturbed, and no wonder they double-down on it being truth.

And their rejection of science is also a big problem. Science can't support anything in the Bible, so they simply denounce science without even knowing what "science" is. Science is just a process, a way of thinking. It isn't "the answer." Through science you might get to an answer, but it's just a method of gaining information. NOTHING about the Bible is about gaining information. Just the opposite. The Bible says: "Here's your information. Believe it, or go to Hell," so kids are taught to reject science because it says that virgins can't give birth, and the Earth is more than 6,000 years old, and snakes don't talk. To these kids, the world is a big mystery, but God made it, so evolution is crap, and climate change isn't real, and people choose whether to be gay or not, and abortion is murder.

The scary thing is...that's how most Americans think. That's embarrassing. Sorry, rest of the world, some of us Americans know we've been overrun by a bunch of delusional wackos who talk to an invisible man in the sky, and ask him for things, and can't wait to meet him. Some of us know that's insane.

Did I just go over the top by saying Bible believers are delusional and insane?

Well? Are they?

Delusion: "an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder."

Insane: "in a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill."

Both definitions perfectly describe every Bible believer I've ever met.

Thursday 10 December 2015



Guns vs. Cars

Can you imagine a car the size of a tank that goes 250mph that you can easily get and drive without a license? And on top of that, there's no speed limit anywhere in the US? That's what an assault rifle is. Too bad cars weren't mentioned in the Constitution, or there'd be no restrictions on them either.

You follow? It's not the driver that's the problem. The problem is the people who would allow such a thing to exist. The people who make it easy for mass murderers to access assault rifles are Republicans. They also allow limited background checks, high-capacity magazines, and the ease by which someone on a No-Fly or Terror Watch List can get an assault rifle.

Citizens who don't obey the law are not the problem. "Republicans" are the problem. But the BIGGER problem is..."Republicans" see no problem at all. "Republicans" think it's perfectly fine to make American mass murderers the most well-equipped mass murderers in the history of our planet.

It's impossible to explain to someone who has something missing in their soul that something is missing in their soul, but, to you "Republicans" out there who favor blocking sensible gun control legislation, there's something missing in your soul.


Tuesday 8 December 2015

The Bad Guy is Belief

Belief is just something that's inside a human brain. It CAN be a reality, there are some things that really DO exist that people believe in...like...my belief that the Earth goes around the Sun. I'm almost positive that THAT belief is a reality.

But are angels real? Are ghosts? Is reality just something that's inside a human brain, or does reality exist independent of humans?

I believe it doesn't matter what I believe.

The Light at the End of the Darkness

Believers get defensive when Atheists say they're idiots, which they are, and, I agree, there's probably a nicer way to call an idiot an idiot, but in the idiot's mind, I'm going to burn in agonizing torture forever, so what's worse? We're BOTH on the defensive...

...not to mention how they've fucked up our society for centuries, which was unavoidable and entirely human, so I don't blame them for acting the way did. They were just doing what they thought they should do, which is what all us humans do.

But humans are changing.

The question is, what do we do now? What should we be teaching our kids in every country? What philosophy gives us the best chance for survival? I don't think there's any argument as to which belief system most benefits the human race. It's one that doesn't involve believing in an imaginary deity. It's fine to think otherwise, it's not fine to act otherwise, which means that anyone who acts otherwise is part of the problem, and a hinderance to human progress.

So don't be a hinderance to human progress.

I gave up trying to convince blind people that light exists. There comes a point when you have to drop your dead weight and fly away. Have fun watching us progress into the 22nd Century, but know that Believers will be holding onto the ropes trying to weigh us down. Humanity will continue to progress, whether Believers like it or not.

There's no debate about this anymore. God is dead. It will take several generations for this to sink completely in, but it will sink in eventually. In the meantime, the struggle forward toward enlightenment continues, and an end to the darkness is in sight. Unfortunately, until we get there, a LOT of humans are going to die in the name of Belief.

How Will History Judge Obama and a Republican Party That Has Hindered Progress?

When President Obama had a Democratic Congress, he revolutionized healthcare in America, something that will go down alongside Social Security and Medicare as one of the most humane policies in American history, and he's had nothing short of villains obstructing everything else he's tried to achieve. Remember that secret dinner the night of his inauguration, when GOP leaders decided to obstruct everything he tried to accomplish in hopes he wouldn't be re-elected? Gingrich and O'Connell both admitted it. In essence, what they decided to do was fuck up our country just to make Obama look bad. There's no way to tell how much progress was hindered by those white devils.

I wish we could be around 100 years from to see how history will judge the Republicans who have really screwed our country up, and how Democrats have had to repair their damage again and again. When is it going to sink in?!! Republican policies suck!!! And now we're starting to see the unravelling of the Republican party, thank God, it's destruction as we know it, a decline that started with Reagan, who couldn't even win his own state today! (or Iowa, or New Hampshire, or even South Carolina).

That slippery slope gave us Bush/Cheney (two wars that weren't paid for that led to hundreds-of-thousands of deaths, created the mess we now have in the Middle East, created ISIS/ISIL/DAESH, all while cutting taxes to the wealthy, creating this obscene wealth gap we now have where trillions of dollars are encouraged to stay offshore, overseeing Wall Street collapse and financial disaster, historic job-losses and a borderline second Great Depression), then McConnell/Boehner (historic ineffectiveness, obstructing policies that were aimed at helping Americans, overseeing arguably the worst Congress in history), and now Trump/Carson (crazy, racist, inexperienced, jokes who think Muslims shouldn't be allowed to run for president, and mosques should be shut down, these are now the leaders the Republican party).

If you can't see what a fuckin' mess the Republican party is, you're as delusional as the vast majority of their voters who believe in Noah's Ark. The party is dying, if it isn't already dead. So Good Riddance! Now can we get on to trying to make progress in America? Help our schools? Help our poor people? Help our immigrants? Help our elderly? Help our women? Help our children?!!

Obama has been a GREAT president, history will show that, and if people are too blind, or stubborn, or ignorant, or racist to see it, then piss on 'em. The USA is going to continue to progress, whether Republicans like it or not.

Thursday 19 November 2015

Don't Blame Trump

Don't blame Trump, blame the ignorant, religious racists who support him. He is only reflecting what a lot of Americans, sadly, already think. Which begs the question, why do a lot of Americans think that way? I blame bad parenting. Ignorant parents preaching ignorance to their kids, who have no choice but to believe what they're being told. Why else would anyone on Earth believe the Noah's Ark story? Because their parents told them it was true.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

Evolution and the Bible Believer's Brain

I think that, deep down inside, people who believe in the Bible are good people, but they must not be as evolved as the rest of us because there's obviously a part of their brain missing that's necessary for intelligence, compassion, and common sense awareness.


Money vs. Human Life

The bad guys have tricked us into voting for law-makers who they want in office by lying to us and politicizing the religious convictions of low-information voters, mainly fundamentalist christians (abortion, marriage equality).

And, not surprisingly, they count on our ignorance of science to get what they want (climate change, education). The media is also appealing to the inherent racism in America (immigration, gun control) to get voters worked up. There is too much dark money in politics, the bad guys are buying law-makers thanks to Citizens United, and nothing will change until the good guys stand up and stop it.

But we CAN stand up and stop it, and we eventually will. They know this, and are doing everything they can to slow that down. I believe Occupy movements are on the right track to reforming our broken system, but A LOT more will have to be done before the good guys get our country back.

The one thing the bad guys can't get around is the US Constitution, and they've mastered the art of maneuvering around that in order to get their agenda in place, an agenda that favors money more than human life.

THAT'S who we're up against.

The good news is, the good guys have enough votes to take our country back, we just have to overcome the machine that's already in place that has suppressed the opposition voter.

Americans are being herded toward movements on the bad guys' agenda, an agenda that will basically always lead to billionaires not having to pay taxes, but Americans are not sheep, we can educate ourselves and become more aware of what's going on. Only then will we be able to take concrete steps to win our country back, which we'll eventually do, and the bad guys know it. They're just trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of us, regardless of how many people die in the process.

Saturday 17 October 2015

My Beef (in a Nutshell)

My beef is that there are bad guys out there who care more about money than they do about human life, and they are funding the campaigns of Republicans who are making laws that favor their donors at the expense of an ignorant electorate who are tricked into voting against their best interests by having their religious convictions politicized.

Friday 16 October 2015

Let's Have Realists Make Our Laws, Not Delusional Wackos

We all formulate our opinions first, then look for evidence to support our already made up minds, and deny evidence to the contrary. We ALL do that.

It's hard to find the truth, but the truth IS out there, all we have to do is seek it with an open mind. I'll be the first to admit that my mind could stand to be a little more open, but the truth IS the truth, it IS out there, and some things can't really be debated. And don't say "the truth is subjective," because it isn't. The Earth goes around the Sun, not the other way around. The Earth is 4.5-billion years old, not 6,000 years old. Humans are apes, and have a common ancestor with chimpanzees, we didn't come from the Biblical Adam and Eve. There wasn't a great flood that covered the Earth 4,000 years ago, and a 600-year-old guy named Noah didn't build a big boat and put two of every animal in the world on it.

We have to stop tip-toeing around this and realized that people who actually believe in those untruths are making laws for our children. I know it's a sensitive area, messing with someone's religious beliefs, but those people are messing with my daughter's future. They're climate change deniers and are hindering progress. They believe that abortion is murder and are keeping women from getting adequate healthcare. The party they support, the Republican party, restricts voting rights. They're blocking any sensible gun control legislation. They are homophobes who think that two men who love each other shouldn't be allowed to get married, and have hindered progress in this area forever until recently.

Yes, people are free to believe whatever they want, but what's happened is a whole bunch of Americans with some pretty extreme, not to mention untrue, beliefs about the nature of the universe, have hijacked the American political system and are electing law-makers who are making laws that damage our country (Bush/Cheney lying to us and sending us into war), and are hurting our future (climate change/healthcare/education/marriage equality/voting rights/women's rights)...

I'd rather have the people who are running my country be rooted in reality, not people who believe that the Earth is going to get destroyed soon when Jesus comes back.

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