It's not hate coming out of me. It might feel that way to you, or it might feel like you're under attack, but it's not hate coming out of me. It's truth. I'm sorry if the truth smacks of hate to you. No hate. Not hateful at all. Just truthful. I'm sure you can't understand. You're brain won't allow you to. It's all very fascinating to me. To say you're delusional is not hate-speak. It's the truth. God watches over you, right? Do you have a guardian angel? Does God talk to you? Do you hear him in your mind? Do you talk to him? I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but that's the definition of delusion. No hate here. Just facts, honesty, reality, and truth. If it hurts you it isn't because I'm hating and putting my hate into you, if it feels like hate and is painful to you it's because...the...truth...hurts.

Thanks for your understanding and your love. But will you really feel sorry for me when I'm burning in agony for all eternity, crying in pain and torture as I bake in Hell? Because, in your mind, unless I have a pretty dramatic turnaround, that's where I'm going. Right? ALL non-believers will go to Hell, right, even the billion Hindus who never got the chance to be saved. And you call THAT "love?"

You're stubborn, and ignorant, and crazy. I can say that because it's true. You could say that about me, that I'm stubborn and ignorant and crazy, but I'd just disagree with you, and ask to see your proof. I've got my proof. It's every time you pray for something you want. It's every conversation you have with an imaginary being who gives you instructions. It's your belief in things like virgin births, or boats with two of every animal in the world aboard, or resurrections, or miracles, or angels, or raptures when the son of God comes back to Earth and all his believers just disappear...

It's actually very disappointing to me that people still believe in that ridiculous stuff.