You can't blame Donald Trump for saying things that 30% of Republicans agree with. He's not the problem, he's just voicing what's already out there. The problem is the parents of those 30% of Republicans who didn't teach their children anything. They're just ignorant and didn't know any better. Still, flooding a child's mind with racism and ignorance is child abuse, whether the parent is aware of it or not.

The problem is the ignorant culture that encourages Trump (probably not the brightest students in their class, probably living in the southern half of the USA, probably Bible believers). You can't have a yin without a yang. You can't have a good without a bad. And you can't have someone trying to make things better without someone trying to fuck everything up. That's the Culture War in a nutshell. On the one side you have Bernie Sanders, and on the other side you have Donald Trump. Every war has to have a winner and a loser, right? Who's gonna to win this war?