We all formulate our opinions first, then look for evidence to support our already made up minds, and deny evidence to the contrary. We ALL do that.

It's hard to find the truth, but the truth IS out there, all we have to do is seek it with an open mind. I'll be the first to admit that my mind could stand to be a little more open, but the truth IS the truth, it IS out there, and some things can't really be debated. And don't say "the truth is subjective," because it isn't. The Earth goes around the Sun, not the other way around. The Earth is 4.5-billion years old, not 6,000 years old. Humans are apes, and have a common ancestor with chimpanzees, we didn't come from the Biblical Adam and Eve. There wasn't a great flood that covered the Earth 4,000 years ago, and a 600-year-old guy named Noah didn't build a big boat and put two of every animal in the world on it.

We have to stop tip-toeing around this and realized that people who actually believe in those untruths are making laws for our children. I know it's a sensitive area, messing with someone's religious beliefs, but those people are messing with my daughter's future. They're climate change deniers and are hindering progress. They believe that abortion is murder and are keeping women from getting adequate healthcare. The party they support, the Republican party, restricts voting rights. They're blocking any sensible gun control legislation. They are homophobes who think that two men who love each other shouldn't be allowed to get married, and have hindered progress in this area forever until recently.

Yes, people are free to believe whatever they want, but what's happened is a whole bunch of Americans with some pretty extreme, not to mention untrue, beliefs about the nature of the universe, have hijacked the American political system and are electing law-makers who are making laws that damage our country (Bush/Cheney lying to us and sending us into war), and are hurting our future (climate change/healthcare/education/marriage equality/voting rights/women's rights)...

I'd rather have the people who are running my country be rooted in reality, not people who believe that the Earth is going to get destroyed soon when Jesus comes back.