The bad guys have tricked us into voting for law-makers who they want in office by lying to us and politicizing the religious convictions of low-information voters, mainly fundamentalist christians (abortion, marriage equality).

And, not surprisingly, they count on our ignorance of science to get what they want (climate change, education). The media is also appealing to the inherent racism in America (immigration, gun control) to get voters worked up. There is too much dark money in politics, the bad guys are buying law-makers thanks to Citizens United, and nothing will change until the good guys stand up and stop it.

But we CAN stand up and stop it, and we eventually will. They know this, and are doing everything they can to slow that down. I believe Occupy movements are on the right track to reforming our broken system, but A LOT more will have to be done before the good guys get our country back.

The one thing the bad guys can't get around is the US Constitution, and they've mastered the art of maneuvering around that in order to get their agenda in place, an agenda that favors money more than human life.

THAT'S who we're up against.

The good news is, the good guys have enough votes to take our country back, we just have to overcome the machine that's already in place that has suppressed the opposition voter.

Americans are being herded toward movements on the bad guys' agenda, an agenda that will basically always lead to billionaires not having to pay taxes, but Americans are not sheep, we can educate ourselves and become more aware of what's going on. Only then will we be able to take concrete steps to win our country back, which we'll eventually do, and the bad guys know it. They're just trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of us, regardless of how many people die in the process.