When President Obama had a Democratic Congress, he revolutionized healthcare in America, something that will go down alongside Social Security and Medicare as one of the most humane policies in American history, and he's had nothing short of villains obstructing everything else he's tried to achieve. Remember that secret dinner the night of his inauguration, when GOP leaders decided to obstruct everything he tried to accomplish in hopes he wouldn't be re-elected? Gingrich and O'Connell both admitted it. In essence, what they decided to do was fuck up our country just to make Obama look bad. There's no way to tell how much progress was hindered by those white devils.

I wish we could be around 100 years from to see how history will judge the Republicans who have really screwed our country up, and how Democrats have had to repair their damage again and again. When is it going to sink in?!! Republican policies suck!!! And now we're starting to see the unravelling of the Republican party, thank God, it's destruction as we know it, a decline that started with Reagan, who couldn't even win his own state today! (or Iowa, or New Hampshire, or even South Carolina).

That slippery slope gave us Bush/Cheney (two wars that weren't paid for that led to hundreds-of-thousands of deaths, created the mess we now have in the Middle East, created ISIS/ISIL/DAESH, all while cutting taxes to the wealthy, creating this obscene wealth gap we now have where trillions of dollars are encouraged to stay offshore, overseeing Wall Street collapse and financial disaster, historic job-losses and a borderline second Great Depression), then McConnell/Boehner (historic ineffectiveness, obstructing policies that were aimed at helping Americans, overseeing arguably the worst Congress in history), and now Trump/Carson (crazy, racist, inexperienced, jokes who think Muslims shouldn't be allowed to run for president, and mosques should be shut down, these are now the leaders the Republican party).

If you can't see what a fuckin' mess the Republican party is, you're as delusional as the vast majority of their voters who believe in Noah's Ark. The party is dying, if it isn't already dead. So Good Riddance! Now can we get on to trying to make progress in America? Help our schools? Help our poor people? Help our immigrants? Help our elderly? Help our women? Help our children?!!

Obama has been a GREAT president, history will show that, and if people are too blind, or stubborn, or ignorant, or racist to see it, then piss on 'em. The USA is going to continue to progress, whether Republicans like it or not.