Believers get defensive when Atheists say they're idiots, which they are, and, I agree, there's probably a nicer way to call an idiot an idiot, but in the idiot's mind, I'm going to burn in agonizing torture forever, so what's worse? We're BOTH on the defensive...

...not to mention how they've fucked up our society for centuries, which was unavoidable and entirely human, so I don't blame them for acting the way did. They were just doing what they thought they should do, which is what all us humans do.

But humans are changing.

The question is, what do we do now? What should we be teaching our kids in every country? What philosophy gives us the best chance for survival? I don't think there's any argument as to which belief system most benefits the human race. It's one that doesn't involve believing in an imaginary deity. It's fine to think otherwise, it's not fine to act otherwise, which means that anyone who acts otherwise is part of the problem, and a hinderance to human progress.

So don't be a hinderance to human progress.

I gave up trying to convince blind people that light exists. There comes a point when you have to drop your dead weight and fly away. Have fun watching us progress into the 22nd Century, but know that Believers will be holding onto the ropes trying to weigh us down. Humanity will continue to progress, whether Believers like it or not.

There's no debate about this anymore. God is dead. It will take several generations for this to sink completely in, but it will sink in eventually. In the meantime, the struggle forward toward enlightenment continues, and an end to the darkness is in sight. Unfortunately, until we get there, a LOT of humans are going to die in the name of Belief.