Can you imagine a car the size of a tank that goes 250mph that you can easily get and drive without a license? And on top of that, there's no speed limit anywhere in the US? That's what an assault rifle is. Too bad cars weren't mentioned in the Constitution, or there'd be no restrictions on them either.

You follow? It's not the driver that's the problem. The problem is the people who would allow such a thing to exist. The people who make it easy for mass murderers to access assault rifles are Republicans. They also allow limited background checks, high-capacity magazines, and the ease by which someone on a No-Fly or Terror Watch List can get an assault rifle.

Citizens who don't obey the law are not the problem. "Republicans" are the problem. But the BIGGER problem is..."Republicans" see no problem at all. "Republicans" think it's perfectly fine to make American mass murderers the most well-equipped mass murderers in the history of our planet.

It's impossible to explain to someone who has something missing in their soul that something is missing in their soul, but, to you "Republicans" out there who favor blocking sensible gun control legislation, there's something missing in your soul.