Most people probably get their news from talk/opinion shows because the generic news is boring, and, usually, right down the middle. But even the generic news is problematic, because news SHOULD be neutral, showing both sides, but take an issue like climate change, for example. It is accepted by the scientific community (and democrats) that humans are causing catastrophic changes to our climate, but the religious community (and republicans) deny it. So what's considered a "fact" differs depending on who you're listening to or what you personally believe.

I'm not sure where the generic news stands on this issue, they SHOULD report both sides, because just as many people believe either way. BUT WHAT IS THE TRUTH? I heard that 97% of all the credible research confirms humans are causing climate change, but when it's reported, it's one scientist arguing with one denier. John Oliver did a bit where he argued it should be 97 people arguing with 3 people.

I think MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O'Donnell, and Chris Matthews, report the TRUTH as I see it, and as the scientific community sees it. Fox News, Kelly and Hannity and Bill O'Reilly report the truth as the religious community sees it.

What the TRUTH is, obviously, differs between the religious and the scientific. The religious believe someone died and came back to life, then ascended to Heaven. The scientific don't believe that.

So, basically, I believe the difference can be attributed to an individual's way of thinking. The religious believe in miracles. The scientific don't. Each believes they're right.

But there can only be ONE TRUTH. Jesus either died and came back to life, or he didn't.

Opinions about what is the ONE TRUTH have changed over the centuries. People used to believe that the Earth was flat, and that the Sun orbited the Earth. Science proved otherwise. People used to think that eclipses and natural disasters and diseases were caused by deities. Science proved otherwise.

MSNBC reports science. Fox doesn't. Whether you trust science or religion is where opinion comes in. I'm not interested in opinion. I'm interested in TRUTH. And when it comes to finding TRUTH, I'll put my money on science every time.

“It has been said that every great, emergent scientific truth goes through three phases. First, people say it can't be true. Second, they say it conflicts with the Bible. Third, they say it's been true all along.” — Neil Degrasse Tyson

Here's a good short interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson: